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Entrepreneurship, the way of smarter life

Entrepreneurship, motivation, change of life

I welcome you all to read this article, As this article is about entrepreneurship I assume you want to be an entrepreneur or start you own business….at least back of your mind this option is always there to execute.

let’s get started

Being an entrepreneur is like a dream come true but there is nothing wrong with being an employee either if you love your job

Why one should be an entrepreneur??

Being an entrepreneur is like living a life full of uncertainty and challenges which grows us to reach up to the peak of our potential. Entrepreneurship is considered a best of living a life. The life of an entrepreneur is full of challenges that he force him to think out of box, every challenge he faces teach him a new lesson. Entrepreneurs’ life is a endless learning process they keep on learning all their life.

learning is a process

There is a saying somewhat like, “ those who stop learning are considered dead” hence by being on lifelong learning process they aren’t dead unless their breath stops, lifelong learning process is actually what makes them different from others.

In entrepreneurship entrepreneurs gets liberty of taking and implementing their own decisions, decisions are to be taken by entrepreneur, With every taken decision he gets new lessons of life. By taking decisions by themselves they comes to know what works or what not for certain problem.

Entrepreneurship gives one freedom to make his own choices, as soon as one becomes an entrepreneur he gets freedom to make his own choices, and he no more needs others’ consent to make choices. He is on his freedom to do whatever he wants.

freedom n creative

Becomes a creative thinker, may be one when one gets started he might not be a creative thinker but after being in journey of entrepreneur for sometimes he automatically becomes a creative thinker, the challenges and uncertain problems he faces makes him a creative thinker.

Entrepreneurs know life is all about learning, the more we know the more we come to know that still there is huge to learn that’s is why entrepreneurs never stop learning. They keep on learning something new answer never stops.

They are good at managing Time and people, they know the importance of time, they know once a second  is gone it will never come back hence they make optimum use of their time. They are good at managing people as well they, they manage people to get their work done.

They are innovators, they keep on innovating and coming with new ideas, they never stop thinking which help them to come up with new life changing ideas. Their lifelong learning process makes them innovator and doing innovative things ultimately becomes their passion.

They don’t like to be ignorant, they try to learn as much as much possible, they just wanna know something about everything. They keep themselves surrounded by knowledgeable and successful people so that they can learn something from them.

They avoid to hangout with toxic people, they know about the impact of environment, if we hangout with toxic people we would think like them but if we hangout positive thinker and successful people we would start thinking just like them.

If we see all the above points, we can say one who has all above quality can easily live a unrepentant and blissful life, that’s why entrepreneurship is considered best way to live

what entrepreneurship gives one?

  • Wealth, entrepreneur are considered wealth creator, they are good at creating wealth and values. Though money doesn’t matter much from them, they know if they serve other wealth will itself come behind them.
  • Patriot, Entrepreneur are also patriots, as patriots on extent fights with outsider enemies entrepreneurs too fight to bring wealth in their nation. They are considered wealth creator, they able ability to make nations great. We call America as Great America not becomes of they are really great but because they are affluent and have had a lot of wealth.

Value adders, they are values adder in life of people, they keep on working to make people’s life better and easy, all they do, do to serve humanity. If there were no entrepreneurs the life of ours would still have been as miserable as it was 100 years before,

Does India need more entrepreneurs? 

Yes it does….

if we want to see India becoming a great nation and global leader then India needs more entrepreneurs, though we already have great entrepreneur and businessmen who are serving world but we need more entrepreneurs to make India a great nation. Being Indian it should be our responsibility to take India ahead rest of countries. So far India has been a developing country but now it want to be a developed one, now whole world want India to be a global leader. To make India global leader more entrepreneurs are needed. Let’s give the world new entrepreneur and make India’s dream come true.

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