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‘Kabeer Biswas’ in the House – Founder of Dunzo

Dunzo, Kabeer Biswas

Dunzo is a hyperlocal concierge app, whose headquarter is at Bangalore and operating at Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai Pune and Gurgaon. 

Aims to perform the basic monotonous To-do list jobs of every mundane person surviving in the city. This could include, buying groceries, vegetables, flowers, pet supplies, restaurant packages, send packages, bring documents/chargers from home to office, or any other thing that a normal dunzo delivery person can perform for that you can relly on dunzo. It’s the first Indian startup that Google invested directly on. 

Kabeer Biswas
Kabeer Biswas

Kabeer Biswas, Cofounder and CEO of Dunzo is a Computer science graduate and later completed an MBA and have invested his time and energy in Airtel’s Sales and Customer Service Department too. He then got the instinct to start something of its own and in this pursuit, he started Hopper which was bought by Hike in subsequent years. He later shifted to Banglore from Gurgoan.

When he was at Gurgoan he used to perform all those monotonous tasks like buying groceries and all other activities to make proper supplies in his flat. So in this process, he used to make the TO-Do Lists so that he could maintain proper supplies for his home but he always wonders that if he could get this To-Do List performed by someone else how convenient his life would be?  So when he shifted to Banglore he tried to find that whether this problem of his is the problem for others too? Initially, he didn’t have much cash to burn on so he started with a simple WhatsApp group and added few people and asked them to give him tasks that they don’t want to do but are important. This phase was just the testing of the idea and for a few months, he helped people completing their tasks to get an understanding of the problem in a better way. Interestingly, many start-ups used to seek fund to test their idea so that they could build an app and get feedback. But Kabeer did the research work with simple WhatsApp group. Slowly more people get added to the group and gave him tasks to perform. As the workload increases, he hired a few part-time workers and interns to help him supplying the extra demand. This schedule he continued for a year. He realised that the huge traffic problem of Banglore city is helping him gain more orders as people are reluctant to go out. 

Interestingly, the early investors of Kabeer’s  Dunzo met him through his service only. Basically, the investors were also there in the WhatsApp group and use Kabeer’s service. After this, he decided to bring a proper app for Dunzo. It’s when he found Mukund and Ankur who were running a similar app “Wingman, which later become a partner for Kabeer. As Kabeer has his strengths in Marketing and Operations whereas Mukund and Ankur have strong Tech base.

Dunzo had launched its first commercial app in July 2014. The reason Dunzo succeeded is that they manage the whole supply chain by themselves. From taking customer’s orders to their payment even their logistics got managed by dunzo itself. As Gary Vaynerchuk said that the reason many startups fail is that they outsource the very platform from which their customer interacts with. But Dunzo did not make any such mistake. The whole dedication and good management and control had made Dunzo a 412crore rupees in valuation in September 2019. 

Kabeer’s instinct to start something and work hard to understand the problem is really motivating. We all had built those millennials business plan while walking those empty roads but never tried upon it. Kabeer is an inspiration for all to work consistently and have faith in the problem we are trying to solve. If we don’t work hard to create employment and do business who will give jobs to our coming generation when India is becoming a young country day by day?


Originally published for – Navdhara, E-cell Tiss

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Written by Naman Jain

Naman Jain is a B.B.A. graduate from the Central University, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. At present, he is pursuing M.B.A. from USME, DTU. He has a keen interest in Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Initiation and team building are what he focuses in to get the work done. Feel free to connect with him to discuss any mundane topic.

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