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Kotak’s New Fitness Allowance

-the new way for fit employees

With decreasing activity and fitness regime in one’s routine in this pandemic, Kotak bank has come with the scheme to provide the new ‘fitness allowance’ to the employees from December 2020 onwards to get them motivated and beat the degrading work-life balance with work from the home trend. All the employees need to approve their fitness and wellness goals checked from their bank and achieve the targets. A masterstroke I would say to improve the employees’ engagement for the bank also making sure to be the part of the personal objectives of every employee journey with the right monetary incentives at most lethargic of times. Who doesn’t want to be fit?  Thus building a good connection with the employees along with adding a fun group activity.


Kotak would have found the decreasing enthusiasm for work from their employee that’s why they would have brought these well time allowance schemes. Also. there can be a concern for the health problems that may be associated with the decreased movement of a person in this lockdown. This really shows that Kotak management really values their employees’ overall well being. Though it is evident that the fit employee will surely contribute better in the organization but Kotak is amongst the first to value it. 


Even with this, Kotak could aim to connect with their customers well because who doesn’t want to partner with a progressive and fit company. Moreover, employees in connection with their customer through social media can motivate their personal audience for these healthy steps taken by them. Obviously, Kotak will gain a good amount of eyes.

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Written by Naman Jain

Naman Jain is a B.B.A. graduate from the Central University, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. At present, he is pursuing M.B.A. from USME, DTU. He has a keen interest in Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship. Initiation and team building are what he focuses in to get the work done. Feel free to connect with him to discuss any mundane topic.

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