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One Word Substitution – Part 2


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  • For practice pupose the list will not hold the solution of the substituion.
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  1. One who believes in fate- FATALIST
  2. One who works for the welfare of women- FEMINIST     (syn- Philogynist)
  3. One who runs away from justice- FUGITIVE    (syn- absconding person)
  4. A lover of good food- GOURMAND     
  5. A connoisseur of food- GOURMET
  6. A husband ruled by his wife- HENPECKED
  7. One who believes in sensual pleasure is the chief good- HEDONIST
  8. One who acts against religion- HERETIC
  9. One that lives on herbs- HERBIVOROUS
  10. One who holds a post without any salary- HONORARY
  11. A person considering himself to be superior in culture or intellect- HIGHBROW   (syn- Snob)
  12. One who is over anxious about his health- HYPOCHONDRIAC
  13. One who is breaker of image or tradition- ICONOCLAST
  14. That cannot be entered by force- IMPREGNABLE
  15. One who pretends to be somebody else- IMPOSTOR
  16. One who doesn’t tire easily- INDEFATIGABLE 
  17. One who journeys from place to place- ITINERANT     (syn- NOMADIC)
  18. One too strong to be defeated- INVINCIBLE    (ant- Vincible)
  19. One that cannot be harmed- INVULNERABLE   (ant- VULNERABLE)
  20. A person who leads immoral life- LIBERATE     (syn- Lecher)
  21. One who dies for a noble cause- MARTYR
  22. One who does something for sake of money- MERCENARY
  23. One who hates knowledge- MISOLOGIST    (ant- Bibliologist)
  24. A person having same name as another – NAMESAKE
  25. Lover of self- NARCISSIST
  26. One who is inexperienced in anything- NOVICE    (syn- Tyro)
  27. One who collects coins- NUMISMATIST
  28. One who eats everything- OMNIVOROUS
  29. A person who looks at the bright side of things- OPTIMIST   (ant- Pessimist)
  30. One who speaks many language- POLYGOT

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