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  1. One who hates war, loves peace- PACIFIST
  2. One who amuses oneself by love making- PHILANDERER
  3. One who does not care for art and literature- PHILISTINE
  4. Child born after the death of father or Book published after the death of the author or Award received after the death of the recipient- POSTHUMOUS
  5. One who collects stamps- PHILATELIST
  6. One who lives in seclusion- RECLUSE
  7. A person who feels pleasure by hurting others- SADIST
  8. One who helps the needy and helpless- SAMARITAN
  9. A person who walks in sleep- SOMNAMBULIST
  10. A person who talks in sleep- SOMNILOQUIST
  11. A person who is indifferent to pain and pleasure of life- STOIC
  12. A boastful fellow- SWASHBUCKLER
  13. One who does not take any intoxicating drugs- TEETOTALLER
  14. A noisy quarrelsome woman- TERMAGANT (syn- Shrew)
  15. One who remain absent from duty without permission- TRUANT
  16. One who is habitual drunkard- TOPER (syn- SOT)
  17. One who is extremely fond of one’s wife- UXORIOUS
  18. One who has long experience of any profession- VETERAN
  19. One who adapts readily to various situation- VERSATILE
  20. One who is brilliant music performer on stage- VIRTUOSO (ant- Naive)
  21. One who offers ones’s service- VOLUNTEER
  22. Style face of different words- VERBOSE
  23. Voluntary giving up the throne in favour of someone- ABDICATION
  24. An annual calendar with position of stars- ALMANAC
  25. Animal that can live both in land and sea- AMPHIBIAN
  26. A story that express ideas through symbols- ALLEGORY
  27. Departure from common rule- ANOMALY
  28. Animals that live on water- AQUATIC
  29. A statement accepted true without proof- AXIOM
  30. Bearing no name- ANONYMOUS

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