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one word substitution- build vocab


  • At the end of the post you will find the link to download PDF.
  • For practice purpose the list will not hold the solution of the substitution.
  • You can learn here and use that sheet for practice purpose.
  • Check out the complete series for WORD POWER MADE EASY by clicking here
  1. One that is in a war like mood- BELLIGERENT    (syn- Bellicose)
  2. Examination of living tissue- BIOPSY
  3. An act of speaking against religion- BLASPHEMY   (syn- Heresy)
  4. Compulsory enlistment for military service- CONSCRIPTION
  5. A religious war- CRUSADE
  6. Anything to be eaten- EATABLE
  7. Fit to be eaten- EDIBLE
  8. Lasting for a very short time/ a day- EPHEMERAL
  9. A concluding speech/comment at the end of the play – EPILOGUE    (ant- Prologue)
  10. A speech made without preparation- Extempore
  11. A story related to birds/ animals with moral at the end- FABLE
  12. Xerox, an exact copy – FACSIMILE
  13. That causes death- Fatal
  14. Animals of a particular region- FAUNA
  15. Flowers of a particular region- FLORA
  16. That can be easily broken- FRAGILE
  17. Animal that live in flock, used by humans also- GREGARIOUS   (syn- Sociable)
  18. Incapable of being corrected- INCORRIGIBLE    (ant- Corrigible)
  19. A mark that cannot be erased- INDELIBLE    (ant- Delible)
  20. One who is free from all the mistakes and failure- INFALLIBLE    (ant- Fallible)
  21. That cannot be avoided- INEVITABLE      (ant-Evitable)
  22. That cannot be dispensed with, removed- INDISPENSABLE      (ant-Dispensable)
  23. A period of intervals between two regimes/ government- INTERREGNUM
  24. That can be understood- INTELLIGIBLE     (ant- Unintelligible)
  25. of the moon (related) – LUNAR
  26. Speech or an attempt made by a person first time- MAIDEN
  27. An animals that gives milk- MAMMAL
  28. A matter written by hand- MANUSCRIPT
  29. Home sickness, memories of the past- NOSTALGIA
  30. One who is present everywhere- OMNIPRESENT
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