one word substitution part 5


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  1. An ardent person in sports- AFICIONADO
  2. One who is all powerful- OMNIPOTENT
  3. One who knows all- OMNISCIENT
  4. A short story with a moral- PARABLE
  5. Pledge given by prisoner for temporary release not to escape- PAROLE
  6. A remedy of all ills- PANACEA
  7. The belief that god pervades nature- PANTHEISM
  8. A style meant to display one’s knowledge- PEDANTIC
  9. Something spiritual (love) – PLATONIC
  10. A decision made by public voting- PLEBISCITE
  11. An imaginary name assumed by an author- PSEUDONYM
  12. An act of separation from person to avoid infection- QUARANTINE
  13. An animal with four feet- QUADRUPED
  14. General vote of public to decide a question- REFERENDUM   (syn-Plebiscite)
  15. Official formality resulting in delay- REDTAPISM
  16. Dress with medals, ribbons worn at official ceremonies- REGALIA   (syn- Raiment)
  17. Violating the sanctity of religious place/object- SACRILEGE   (syn- Desecration and ant- Consecration)
  18. A job with high salary but a little responsibility- SINECURE   (syn- Honorary)
  19. A speech made when one is all alone- SOLILOQUY
  20. A medicine that induces sleep- SOPORIFIC
  21. A thing kept in memory of an event- SOUVENIR   (syn-Memento)
  22.  A last literary work of a writer-  SWAN SONG
  23. of the sun- SOLAR
  24. A slight fault that can be forgiven- VENIAL
  25. Repetition of a speech or a writing word for word- VERBATIM
  26. An imaginary place with perfect social order- UTOPIA
  27. A diagram showing the path of plants- ZODIAC
  28. A place where animals are slaughtered for the market- ABATTOIR
  29. A place where bees are kept- APIARY
  30. A place for wrestling- ARENA

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