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Word Power Made Easy Chapter Five

About liars and lying



  •  Bold black text are root words and their meaning
  • Black colour text are Word-Meaning
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            • con- together
            • notus- known
            • summus- highest
            • corrigo- to correct
            • vetus- old/expert
            • genesis- birth/ origin
            • sciens- knowing
            • glib- smooth
  1. Notorious- unfavourably known
  2. Notorious liar- known liar
  3. Consummate- artistic
  4. Consummate liar- artistic liar
  5. Incorrigible- beyond reform
  6. Incorrigible liar- liar whose habit cannot be changed
  7. Inveterate- long standing habit
  8. Inveterate liar- habitual liar
  9. Congenital- problems from birth
  10. Congenital liar- lying from birth
  11. Unconscionable- without conscience
  12. Unconscionable liar- lying without taking care of the faith of other person
  13. Glib- suspiciously Smooth
  14. Glib liar- smooth liar
            • ana- negative prefix
            • con- together
            • syn/ sym- together
            • in- negative prefix
            • chromos- time
  1. Chronic- going on for long time
  2. Anachronism- something out of the time
  3. Incongruity- something out of place
  4. Chronology- calendar of events in order of occurrence
  5. Chronometer-  device that measure time very accurately
  6. Synchronisation- act of occurring or causing to occur at the same time
            • genesis- birth/ origin
  1. Genetics- science of heredity
  2. Genealogy- study of ancestry
  3. Genital- reproductive organ
            • -em – in
            • tele- distance
            • anti- against
            • pathos- feelings 
            • phone- sound
            • -a – negative prefix
  1. Sympathy- Sharing/ understanding someone’s feeling
  2. Telepathy- communication from distance
  3. Antipathy- strong dislike
  4. Apathy- lack of feeling
  5. empathy- identification with another’s feeling
            • grex/ gregis- herd/ flock
            • -e – out
            • omni- all
            • ne- negative
            • pre- before
            • se- apart
  1. Egregious- outstandingly bad
  2. Omniscience- infinite knowledge
  3. Prescience- fore knowledge
  4. Ne-science- ignorance
  5. gregarious- friendliness
  6. congregation- massing together
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Written by Doe Joye

Doe Joye is a Pen name for a final year graduating student interest in tech and personal development.
Preaparing for government exams and improving n sharing his changing english and awareness experience.

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