Word Power Made Easy Chapter Four

word power made easy

Chapter -4

About Science and Scientist


  •  Bold black text are root words and their meaning
  • Black colour text are Word-Meaning
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            • Astron- star
            • nautes- sailer
            • namos- arrangement/law/time
            • cosmos- universe
            • -dis – against 
  1. Astronomy- Science of heavens
  2. Astrology- theory of influence of stars and plants on humans
  3. Astronaut- sailors among stars
  4. Cosmonaut- Sailors of universe
  5. Aster- star shaped flower
  6. Metronome- instrument to measure musical time
  7. Disaster- great misfortune
            • bios- life
            • geo- earth
            • botane- plant
            • zoion- animals
            • autos- self
            • psy- detection/ investigation
  1. Geology- science of composition of earth
  2. Biology- science of all living things
  3. Geometry- mathematical science of figures and shapes
  4. Botany- science of plants
  5. Zoology- science of animals
  6. Autopsy- examination determining the cause of death
  7. Biopsy- examination of living things
  8. Biography- story of someone’s life
  9. Autobiography- Story of one’s own life
  10. Zodiac- animals related to astrology
  11. Autonomy- self rule
              • en- in
              • tome- cutting
              • -a – negative
              • ana – up
              • dicha – in two
              • epi- on/upon
              • philo- language
  1. Entomology- study of insects
  2. Anatomy- study of physical structure
  3. Dichotomy- state of being split into two
  4. Epitome- summary
  5. Philology- study of language
  6. Asocial- withdraw contact with people
              • Socius- companion
              • anglus- english
              • biblion- book
  1. Bibliophile- book lover
  2. Anglophile- fond of english people and custom
  3. Sociology- science of social structure
  4. Tome- Dull, heavy book
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