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Word Power Made Easy Chapter one

word power made easy complete

Build Vocabulary Series


Word Power Made Easy

Guidelines –

  •  Bold balck text are root words and their meaning
  • Black color text are Word-Meaning 
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Ego- I or Self
Centrum- Center
Mania- Madness

  • Egoist- believes in self advancement
  • Egotist- Talks about accomplishment
  • Egocentric- One who wants to be talked about
  • Egomaniac- Obsessively wrapped up in oneself
  • Ego maniacal- (Adj) egomaniac

Alter- Other

  • Altruist- welfare of others
  • Altruism- Philosophy practised by altruist
  • Altruistic- actions look towards the benefits of others
  • You have no alternative- No other choice
  • Altercation- verbal dispute
  • Alter-ego – one’s other self (usually best friend)
  • Alteration- making into something other

Verto- to turn
Intro- inwards
Extro- outwards
Ambi- Both
Dexter- right hand
Sinister- left hand

  • Introvert- turn thoughts’ inwards
  • Extrovert- turn thoughts’ outwards
  • Ambivert- both inwards and outwards thoughts
  • Dexterous- skilful
  • Ambidextrous- able to use both hands with equal skill

Gauche – left hand
Droit- right hand

  • Gaucherie- clumsy, tactless way of saying things or handling situation
  • Adroit- skilful, usually mentally
  • Adroitness- Antonym of gaucherie


(Prefix) Misein- to hate
Anthropos- mankind
Gyne- women
Andros- male
Mono- one
Bi- two
Poly- many

  • Misanthrope- one who hates mankind
  • Misogynist- one who hates women
  • Misogamist- one who hates marriage
  • Anthropology- study of development of human race
  • Philanthropist- one who helps mankind; helps financially
  • Monogamy- practice of marrying one person
  • Bigamy- offence of marrying someone when already married
  • Polygamy- the practice of having more than one wife or husband at the same time
  • Polygyne- man has more than one wife
  • Polyandry- woman has more than one husband

Askete- Monk or Hermit


Ascetic- the life of a monk



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