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Word Power Made Easy Chapter Three

word power made easy


  •  Bold black text are root words and their meaning
  • Black colour text are Word-Meaning
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            • cheir/ chiro – hand
            • mancy- prediction
            • graphein- to write
            • praktikos- do practical
  1. Chiropractic- maintenance of nervous system by massage
  2. Chirography- hand writing
  3. Chiromancy – palm reading
  4. chiropody- treatment of minor ailments by hand
            • kallos- beauty
            • pyge- buttocks
            • kakos- bad or ugly
            • graphy- handwriting
  1. Graphology- analysis of handwriting
  2. Calligraphy- beautiful handwriting
  3. Callipygian- beautiful buttocks
  4. Cocography- bad handwriting
            • geron- old person
            • senex-old
            • -escent- growing
  1. Gerontology – study of aged person
  2. Senility- deteriorated old age
  3. Senescence- condition of ageing and growing old
            • am/em- with love
            • par- other
  1. Amateur- who enjoys doing something, not professionally
  2. Paramour- relationship with some other person
  3. Amatory- with sexual desire
  4. Amiable- pleasant, friendly (for proper nouns)
  5. Amicable- obtained in friendly way
  6. Amity- friendly and peaceful relationship
  7. Amorous- showing romantic love


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