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Word Power Made Easy Chapter two

word power made easy complete

Word Power Made Easy
Chapter-2- About Doctors

Guidelines –

  •  Bold balck text are root words and their meaning
  • Black color text are Word-Meaning 
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-logy- science
Obstetrix- to stand
-ician- expert

  • Gynaecologist- medical expert dealing with health of female reproductive system.
  • Gynaecology- medical science of women
  • Obstetrician- specialist delivers babies and take care of mother, before and after pregnancy.
  • Obstetrics- specialist dealing with childbirth

Paidos- child
-iatreia- medical healing
agogos- leading/ leader
Pedis- foot
Demos- people

  • Paediatrician- specialist taking care of youngsters
  • Paediatrics- medical healing of child
  • Pedagogy- principles and methods of teaching
  • Pedagogue- dogmatic, old fashioned teacher (word of contempt)
  • Demagogue- political power to further their own personal ambitions and fortune, a selfish leader
  • Pedestrian-walk place for on-footers

-itis- inflammation
Derma- skin
Hypos- under
Epi- outer
Taxi- arrangement

  • Dermatologist- Specialist of skin related problems
  • Hypodermic- under the skin
  • Epidermis- outer layer of skin
  • Taxidermist- whose business is taxidermy, prepare stuffs and mounts the skin of animals
  • Pachyderm- animal with thick skin
  • Dermatitis- skin inflammation or irritation

Ophthalmos- eye
Oculus- eye
Opsis- sight
Optikos- vision
Metron- measurement
-ician- expert

  • Ophthalmologist- eye doctor (perform surgery)
  • Ocular- eye
  • Monocle- lens for ‘one’ eye (detective movies)
  • Binocular- lens in each eye to increase the vision
  • Inoculate- to introduce an antigenic substance into the body
  • Optometrist – specialist measuring vision
  • Optician- one who sells optical equipment.

Kardia- heart
Neuro- nerve
Psyche- mind

  • Cardiology- study of heart
  • Neurology- study of nervous system
  • Psychiatrist- emotional or mental disorder

-algia- pain
Ortho- straight
Dontics- teeth
Geras- old age
Latreia- medical healing

  • Orthopaedist- bone specialist
  • Orthodontics- straightening of teeth
  • Neuralgia- nerve pain
  • Neuritis- inflammation of nerve
  • Psychiatry- mental disorder treatmentPeri- around/ surrounding
    Endo- inner side
    Exo- outer side
  • Periodontics- gums specialist
  • Endodontics- dental specialist of root canal
  • Exodontics- tooth extraction

Therme- heat
Baros- weight
Sphygmos- pulse
Metron- measurement

  • Thermometer- temperature measurement instrument
  • Barometer – air pressure measurement instrument
  • Sphygmomanometer- blood pressure measurement instrument

Osteon- bone
Pathos- disease
Okto- eight
Platys- flat
-ium- place where
Tri- three
pous/pados- foot

  • Osteopathy- bone related disease
  • Octopus- eight armed sea animal
  • Platypus- flat footed animal
  • Podium- speaker’s platform
  • Tripod – three leg stand


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